Agent, Mindy Rodke

Mindy Rodke

Mindy has been a resident of rural Hawley, MN for over 22 years. When she first met her late husband Paul more than 26 years ago and  visited this community, she fell in love with the people, lakes, and rolling hills. In their years together they built a beautiful family with 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Their 3 youngest work or attend school in and around Hawley and are active in sports, clubs, theater and dance.

Mindy unexpectedly lost her husband Paul in August of 2021. In the first 12 months following his death, not only did she have to navigate solo parenting, but she also had to figure out solo home ownership. Mindy’s “let’s figure this out” attitude in that first year forced a lot of investigation, trying, failing, tough decision making, and learning!

The second year she organized a schedule for routine home maintenance, trouble-shooting problems, and the ability to decipher what is a DIY solution and what requires calling in the professionals! This journey has given her a unique empathy and understanding of those clients who are navigating difficult transitions of their own and what options they can entertain. 

Mindy began her career in real estate nearly 7 years ago in an office support role. That experience allowed her to learn the critical behind-the-scenes pieces that make up a smooth, successful home sale or purchase. Her focus is always on customer service and communication with her clients. She strives to build a relationship with the people she helps, that encourages them to ask questions and know that she will provide the knowledge and information necessary for them to make confident choices and feel secure in their decisions while buying or selling their home.



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